Almost overnight, massive superstorms appear around the globe. Defying natural law, they converge in the Arctic and become one apocalyptic megastorm, disrupting weather systems, communication and security worldwide. Chaos reigns…and then the storm breaks. The clouds part. And the real threat emerges. It will come to be known as Hell Walks. Seven miles tall, its every step causes cataclysmic disasters whose effects ripple across continents. Worse yet, attempts to battle the beast unleash smaller, more aggressive kaiju from its body – smaller, but each capable of obliterating a major city on its own. With no answers as to the things’ origins, humanity turns on itself and crumbles in the face of the nightmare. Years later, the original beast stands dormant and has become an artificial mountain, while its offspring continue to rampage. Frank Eckman helps lead a band of survivors as they attempt to avoid the active kaiju. Avoid, that is, until Frank begins experiencing visions which draw him toward the sleeping giant. Frank believes he holds the key to ending the apocalypse, but he may just be another of its wretched pawns.

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