Johann Krauss made his fortune in international black market dealing. Selling his special brand of security to whichever country is the highest bidder. His team are ruthless, cold-blooded killers, yet even they are not ready for the horrors their newest job entails. Forced into providing the security for a secret military research project, Johann’s team are brought face-to-face with creatures straight out of a lost world. The archipelago is home to terrifying beasts that had long since been confined to the annals of history. When a super storm rolls through, and the islands’ compounds are breached, the ultimate battle of man against beast begins. Leaving Johann to call upon the powerful friends he has made, during a lifetime of wheeler-dealing, in an effort to save them all. The only question is, can he trust those that are sent in to rescue his crew, or has he merely set another, far more vicious predator loose?

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