A top-secret lab in the heart of the city…

Starling Labs, Manhattan. One hundred floors of top-secret research labs staffed by the world’s best and brightest.

An experiment that goes horribly wrong…

As the building goes into lockdown, an elite team led by Special Agent Alexa Rojas is sent in to find out what’s happened. None of them are prepared for the horrors that they’re about to face. Rojas and her team are about to experience a battle of Jurassic proportions.

A building filled with prehistoric terrors…

Starling Labs has been thrown back in time. Dinosaurs roam the halls. Jungles have taken over entire floors. The bodies of the dead litter the floors. And in the basement of the building, a bomb that could level Manhattan ticks down to zero. To save the city and themselves, the team will face a fight for survival none of them were prepared for.

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