Scientists say that every time you go into the deep sea to take a sample, you find a new species…

This one found us.

Welcome to The Kingdom. The world’s most expensive underwater hotel located miles beneath the surface of the ocean. A playground for the super-rich, it’s destined to be the most unique attraction ever made. For its grand opening party, only a handful are invited, including head of security Axel Calder and reporter Priya Christie.

But man was not meant to be down this far.

Something has made its way inside and is hunting its new prey – man. Calder and Priya need to band together with the survivors to make it to the surface. But this predator is cunning. It is deadly, hungry, and it is coming. As their number dwindle, the survivors realise that their only hope is to fight harder than ever before.

But will it be enough?

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