When Sked breaks Akane out of a top-secret Chinese prison, they need to lie low while the heat subsides. Apart from the Chinese government, several criminal organizations want them dead or alive… preferably dead. The secluded resort on North Sentinel Island seems to be the answer to their prayers. Way out in the middle of the Indian Ocean, its only connection to the outside world is a launch that sails once a day. No phone, no internet, no way for them to be discovered. Unfortunately, the isolation makes it the ideal place for a rogue company to test its newest genetically modified creations: small land carnivores and a couple of huge sea monsters. They release the creatures on the island, knowing full well that the outside world will never find out. Sked and Akane find themselves running from the monsters, unsure if whether the desperate flight to save their lives will lead them right into the arms of their enemies. Will anyone survive the Lost Island Rampage?

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