The life of one for the good of many. Captain Bob Davidson will confront this concept in the waning days of the war in the pacific when the B-29 he pilots is forced down near a remote pacific island held by the Japanese. Lt Arata, the Japanese commander, is battling dysentery and low morale, the result of their obvious abandonment by the emperor. They haven’t seen a supply boat in over three months, and the medical supplies they need are running dangerously low. To complicate matters something has been feeding on the men of the Japanese garrison since their arrival, forcing them to post guards in pairs to protect one another. The discovery of the Americans reinvigorates his command, and they set out to capture the crew. The ensuing battle will become a fight for the future of mankind as they struggle to keep a creature, trapped on the island for centuries, from reaching civilization. Would you be willing to give up your life to save the world?

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