Plague. Infection. Death. The world we knew is gone, replaced with something infinitely more deadly. Life, the paramount precious commodity is fleeting for Earth’s newest endangered species: Man. Whether death arises from the legions of ravenous undead which now roam the planet, or at the hands of villains unchecked, the result is the same. The finality of death has fled, however, and the Reaper no longer holds his sway. The greatest plague in history alters life itself into something that cannot be, killing the infected, but only briefly. Victims return as one of the undead to seek out that which they once were, infecting and consuming anything alive. But hope, however slim, exists. The promise of a possible vaccine is enough for a rag-tag band of military and civilians to traverse a continent ravaged by the plague. Countless obstacles stand in the way, and merciless enemies, both living and not, will do everything to deny this Crossing. 

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