A group of friends rent an isolated lodge for a short holiday in a mountainous region of Cumbria during one of the heaviest snowfalls on record. Unbeknown to them a ferocious beast, a thing of myth, legend and folklore, more colossal than any primate known to man, roams the surrounding hills; its craving for human flesh growing more fervent with each kill. The serenity of the friends’ accommodation is shattered by the arrival of a vicious gang of rogue bikers who, having just pulled off a daring bank robbery during which two innocent bystanders were killed, descend upon the holidaymakers desperate for somewhere remote to use as a hideout from the police. As the bikers terrorise the group inside the lodge, both parties are unaware of the monstrous creature lurking just beyond the shadows outside, waiting with razor-sharp claws and teeth for its next victim. Until it is too late!

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