Welcome to The Redeemer, a super spaceship that’s taking the survivors of the now uninhabitable earth to a new planet to continue humanity. Here, the guests will enjoy fine dining, breath-taking views of space, and flesh-crazy sharks! A band of religious terrorists have taken over the spaceship and unleashed a deadly collection of sharks on the guests. They plan to end humanity and bring everyone to God. Enter Ram Rogan, a professional football player, who must counter these enemies, save who he can on board, and understand how the shark threat was created and how it can be stopped. Ram’s job won’t be easy. These aren’t your average sharks on the prowl. Up in space, they’ve mutated into something hideous and hungry. It’ll take blood, guts, and some serious ass-kicking to reach the new planet in one piece. Can Ram save himself and the other survivors, or will the terrorists and sharks end humanity forever? 

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