Hell lies under the Texas-Mexico Border.

When the Acuña Cartel tunnels under the Rio Grande and into the United States, they tap into a vast cavern that’s home to a once thought mythical species. The massacre that ensues leaves 12 men dead, brings tunnel construction to a standstill. Losing money by the hour, the Cartel pulls Captain Jarrett Taylor out of retirement to lead a band of mercenaries under the Earth to eliminate an animal more savage than any human force they’ve ever faced. The mission quickly goes bad and plunges the team into a desperate battle of survival.

“High caliber. Heavy caliber. Whatever you want to call it, when Gayne C. Young’s The Tunnel hits you, you’ll be blown away. The second you open this book, you’re staring down the barrel of one helluva nightmare. You think you got what it takes to make it to the end? You don’t.” -Jake Bible, author Of MEGA and Roak: Galactic Bounty Hunter. 

“Gayne C. Young has lived high adventure. His latest blockbuster, THE TUNNEL, excels at art imitating life at its very best! Step inside The Tunnel for gritty characters navigating an exciting plot twisted by a savage creature nightmares are made of!” Dane Hatchell, author of THE DINOSAUR BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS 

“Hardcore, fast paced, horror action as only Gayne Young can write it.” Eric S Brown, author of Bigfoot War 

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