The largest reliably measured great white shark in history—a protected, unpublicized, biological rock star—becomes an ecological disaster when it comes into contact with illegally dumped toxic waste. Tragically, the exposure proves fatal. But the resulting DNA mutation starts an unprecedented regeneration. In a completely unnatural deviation from its original existence, life returns to the shark. A once elegant, complex creature transforms into a mindless killer. All its natural behaviors are forever gone—all that remains is an insatiable urge to feed. Four friends plan the vacation of a lifetime in an isolated tropical paradise. They know nothing about the water-bound creature that has taken up residence in the Atoll’s lagoon. Samantha and her friends Jake, Mandy and Ollie have been dropped off for two weeks of bliss. What they get is a fight for their very survival. The eight thousand pound zombie shark turns the lagoon into its own private buffet. It learns quickly that humans are easy prey and seeks every opportunity to feed on them. Whether in the water, wading in the shallows or riding on a boat, no one is safe. The question now—who will survive Z-Shark?

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