Decades ago something crashed into Illiamna Lake along the coast of southern Alaska. After countless eons drifting through space, an orb from the farthest reaches of the universe finally found a home. It delivered its payload and then destroyed itself, giving life to the horrible thing it carried. The orb was a weapon. The genetically modified larva nestled inside of it would grow into a monster designed to lay waste to a distant enemy world. Locals talked about the Illiamna Lake monster, with drinks in hand and a twinkle in their eyes. That is, until the actual monster emerged and destroyed the villages surrounding the lake. Now the creature is ready to begin an all-out assault. Resistant to attack, armed with a devastating weapon, the monster ranges far from Illiamna on a mission to decimate and subdue the planet Earth. Can it be stopped by military might alone? The government better hurry. Despite its size and the destruction it is wreaking, worse phases are yet to come. It’s still just a larva.

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