Two years ago, the world was overtaken by the ramblers. More than 90% of the world’s population had either become these ravenous creatures or were killed by them. Now the devastated US military is trying to pick themselves back up. Their resources are still vast but their manpower is suffering. They have a plan of attack against the ramblers and a strategy to once again have the government thriving as the country starts to re-build. Desperate times call for drastic measures. That’s why a depleted and weak military enlists the help of Nick Blackburn…a man that once saved the President and nearly blew the lid off of some of the largest government conspiracies in history. With the help of some questionable friends from his past, Nick is tasked with heading across the dangerous country to carry out the military’s plan to re-establish itself. But as Nick gets more involved, he finds that the origins of the ramblers that now try to kill him on a daily basis might not be the real threat.

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