Corporal Alabama Fear is a US Marine fighting on the frontlines of an apocalyptic America ravaged in war, and after the enemy captures him and his Marine brother, they are rendered specimen, undergoing horrific experimentations. Two weeks later, Alabama awakens in the heart of an enemy compound with no recollection of the experiments, but the mangled, dismembered corpses of his comrades and enemies surround him, and around every gore-swamped corridor a blood-ravenous, demoniac mutation hungers for his flesh and blood. However, determined to find his brother amidst the damnation and win the war, Alabama’s primal fear transcends into an indomitable rage. Donning his herculean strength, Alabama battles through the hordes of sadistic abominations in a wrath of genocidal retribution, bathing in the blood and entrails of his opposition as he obeys the voice in his head that screams KILL! KILL! KILL!

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