Thousands of alien ships take up position in low earth orbit. All eyes are now on a global mission to launch several rockets in the hope to discover their intentions. Alan Doyle had seen the news. He couldn’t get away from it. Even his fellow gamers continued to clog up bandwidth by talking about the new visitors. He didn’t care about them. All Alan wanted was to level up on Battlespawn, to attain the rank to Star Captain and earn himself enough credits to ensure that he never ran out of health ever again. During a rare trip outside, Alan noticed a small silver globe lying on the side of the road. As he picked it up, he saw hundreds more pushing up through the ground. Alan tried to scream as the object melted like mercury and vanished into his palm. Before he blacked out, Alan saw others around him experiencing the same trauma. The alien devices had selected their combatants and took them to the only Total Immersion Game worth playing. The humans weren’t just fighting for their lives, they were fighting for the fate of their planet. The invasion of Earth had begun -ONLINE!

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