Billionaire Parker Rothman is building a resort on a private island in the South Pacific. He’s uncovered marine fossils during construction and offers paleontologist Grant Coleman the opportunity to come catalog them. The offer includes all expenses paid, first-class meals and accommodations, and a healthy paycheck. Grant accepts what he thinks will be a working vacation. From the moment he arrives, things go awry. The resort isn’t finished, the food is canned, and Rothman is nowhere to be found. There’s also an adjacent forbidden atoll, supposedly set aside as a wildlife sanctuary. All the vacation disappears from Grant’s working vacation. The situation soon gets worse. A pirate attack strands Grant and a group of island residents on the prohibited atoll. The protected wildlife turns out to be a plethora of deadly prehistoric creatures on both land and sea. They are only the first of the atoll’s many dangerous secrets. With no rescue coming, will anyone survive setting foot on Atoll X?

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