Catching the beast is one thing. Smuggling it safely out of Indonesia is something else altogether. Whisked overseas for a mystery job, Australian Park Ranger and dangerous animal expert Matt Sanders finds himself presented with the opportunity of a lifetime: to find and capture a uniquely dangerous cryptid long hidden by the thick rainforests of Java. It is an opportunity too exciting to turn down. Teamed with an eccentric local lead and a pair of specialists, Matt quickly embraces the challenge of the ultimate catch. But the brutal killing efficiency of this voracious predator is well known. In a land of extremist views, there are those who see the lethal potential in controlling such a beast, and seek to steal it from them. In a perilous mission where failure would put more than their own lives in jeopardy, Matt and his team will need to be prepared to risk everything to stop these sinister forces from taking hold of their deadly cargo.

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