Retired couple Paul and Margaret Lewis are about to see their dream trip turn into a nightmare. All their life, Paul and Margaret have held a lifelong ambition to replace the bricks and mortar of the family home for a life on wheels traveling across Australia. Shortly into the journey, however they hit a roadblock when a pandemic strikes. The government calls for a full lockdown, and Paul and Margaret are forced to find into the nearest, and only, place of refuge available to them: a dilapidated farm in Spear Creek. Surrounded by beautiful redgums and quiet mountain ranges, Spear Creek should be the ideal place to wait out a lockdown. But between a rude owner with strange rules, and the horribly mutilated kangaroo corpse found on the grounds, there is something distinctly sinister about the place. Tensions mount on the farm as their fellow guests act out against the owner’s strict rules. But as the confrontations escalate and threaten to spill into violence, an even deadlier threat lies in wait below the muddy waters of the farm’s dam. It will answer to the riddle of what happened to this once thriving farm, but is it a tale Paul and Margaret can escape Spear Creek to tell?

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