An ancient evil has returned…
Beginning with the horrific massacre of three men on a quiet rooftop, the city quickly becomes besieged by a spate of brutal murders by night. Homicide detectives are at a loss to solve what they assume to be the killings of a bloodthirsty vigilante. But downtrodden forensic investigator Nicole Li believes something far more monstrous is behind the killings, for no man could inflict the horrifying body mutilations she had seen at the crime scenes. Then comes a break: a witness who claims she saw a demonic monster butcher a man in front of her. Despite this testimony being openly mocked, Nicole finds the story correlates with her evidence. But when the lead detective on the case openly abuses and diminishes her, and her lying boyfriend leaves her bereft of support, Nicole alone must find her inner strength to face not only her tormentors to prove the unfathomable, but also have the courage to risk her own
life to end the reign of grotesque murders.

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