Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the sewers…
New York city is on the brink of destruction. First, millions of rats crazed from consuming an enhanced poison, Degenesis, devoured citizens too slow to escape their frenzy, and chased off the rest. Next came the pandemic, shutting the metropolis down just as it started to recover. Man always has a plan. But nature, and science gone awry, are one step ahead. Husband and wife exterminators, Chris and Benita Jackson, thought their nightmare was over. The scars of their narrow escape run deep, and fear is their constant companion. The rats are back. Only this time, there are no hordes of hairy, whip-tailed vermin barreling down the streets. The next generation is bigger, stronger, more unstoppable than ever. And they are about to go up top! Tapped by the military to help control the rising tide of death and destruction, Chris and Benita end up fleeing for their lives in the city that never sleep’s deadliest night. From Times Square to the Statue of Liberty, no one is safe from the feral evil determined to conquer the big, rotten apple. New York, New York. It’s a hell of a town.
“Rattus New Yorkus is my favorite in Shea’s new `One Size Eats All’ trilogy. Highly recommended!” — Horror After Dark
“To the Devil, A Cryptid is…loud, fast, funny, violent and with enough guns to sink a battleship.” — Horror DNA
“A lot of splattery fun!” Publisher’s Weekly

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