Landfill Lizards

In the desolate expanse of Scorched Mesa, where fear clings like desert dust and horrors fester beneath the searing sun, a veteran’s refuge becomes a battleground.

Oscar Rayos, a broken and disgraced ex-Army sergeant condemned to toil in the sprawling landfill neighboring the Cactus Ridge Proving Grounds, must confront his past and fight for a future shrouded in uncertainties as he navigates the treacherous terrain of a garbage dump tainted by secrets.

Something stirs within the depths of the Patriot Landfill & Recycling Center—a grotesque fusion of nature and military hubris. Mutant Gila monsters prowl the refuse in search of prey, and as the line between man and monster blurs, Oscar battles not only for survival, but for redemption. For in the heart of darkness, where genetically altered predators wait in ambush, lies the chance to reclaim his honor—or perish beneath the claws of monstrosities unleashed by mankind’s folly.

Welcome to the inferno where terror reigns, and only the fearless will survive.

From the author of CRICS: A Cryptid Thriller, TRAGIC: A Cryptid Horror Thriller, Terror Lake, The Cryptid Club, and Crimson Falls: A Monster in the Mist comes Landfill Lizards, a fast-paced cryptid thriller that combines creature feature elements with sci-fi intrigue, exploring the consequences of unchecked government power and the resilience of a former soldier determined to protect his community.

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