The dead rose quickly, and not everyone with Hamsikker escaped the zombies of Kentucky. In a world infested by the living dead, somehow Hamsikker and his group of survivors found their way to Saint Paul’s, a place offering safe refuge from the marauding dead outside its fragile fences. But it’s what is inside that is about to turn their world upside down. Hamsikker and his group are strung along by a seemingly well-intentioned Gabe, but they have to fight and destroy a host of zombies in a desperate bid to survive. Tensions mount as friendships are made and lives destroyed, and as time goes on it becomes clear there can be only one leader of their group. The struggle to get from Kentucky to Thunder Bay will see some fall by the way side as violent encounters with the dead leave Hamsikker struggling to reach his sister. Just who will live may very well depend on Hamsikker being able to defeat the enemy within…

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