Nevada Test Site, Area 10, November 1951: A 1.2 kiloton bomb is detonated as part of a series of atomic testing. The tests continue for forty one years until the area is abandoned, along with all US testing of nuclear weapons on home soil. Nevada Test Site, Area 12, 2016: Despite worldwide protests nuclear testing is resumed when a 1000 kiloton bomb is detonated. The radiation leaks deep beneath the desert into tunnels and underground rivers. The Mojave Desert, now: A terrifying monster emerges decimating anything and anyone in its way. Encountering a tourist group it destroys their transport and all communications, leaving the survivors stranded and defenceless. Mackenzie Brown thought he was going on the trip of a life-time, but with his family’s life in the balance, can he find a way to stop the Goliath? 

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