Russ Watts

About Russ Watts

Russ Watts is a horror/thriller novelist whose first book, The Afflicted, was published in 2013. All his work has been published by Severed Press. Zombies, sea monsters, corrupt Presidents, serial killers and flying aliens all make an appearance in the course of his work. Fluffy bunnies and happy endings are a rare occurrence. Hailing originally from England, he now resides with his wife, Karen, in New Zealand. A degree in Russian, backpacking around the world, and working in the corporate world for many years, were only a distraction to his real interest in the dark side of life. The ideas had always been there, but putting them down on paper is a different challenge. Always a fan of horror, the undead in particular, he cannot name a favourite film other to say it would be comprised of a shortlist including the original Dawn of the Dead, The Conjuring, and anything starring Bruce Campbell. While You Were Sleeping didn’t make the cut, despite his wife’s request. Inspiration comes from many sources, and it is true to say nightmares are a key source for much of his work. Hard work and dedication are a must, but being woken in the middle of the night because you’ve just dreamt of the undead attacking is the norm. Pen and paper are always at hand. Just because it’s three a.m. is no excuse to slack off. In all of his novels, there is a deliberate intent to entertain, to scare, and to gross out. But there is also a theme of underpinning hope, to open the mind to new ideas, to present original, thought-provoking, and intense experiences. A fast-paced horror novel can be just as rewarding a read as anything else, and feedback is always welcome.

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